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eBook VDV-Schrift 580 englisch

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eBook VDV-Schrift 580E -insulated-elevating-work-plattforms-for-working-on-overhead-contact-line-systems-up-to-dc-1500-v
Ausgabe 07/2014


eBook VDV-Schrift 580E -insulated-elevating-work-plattforms-for-working-on-overhead-contact-line-systems-up-to-dc-1500-v Ausgabe 07/2014 VDV Recommendation 580 covers the electrical requirements for the design and operation of elevating work platforms fitted on vehicles. It describes the special requirements for elevating work platforms for working on urban rail system on the basis of the standard DIN VDE 0682-742. This Recommendation applies to elevating work platforms with standing surface insulation intended for working on and near live parts of overhead contact line systems up to a nominal voltage of AC 1000 V and DC 1500 V – also in the rain. The mechanical tests are to be carried out in accordance with EN 280 and are not included in the scope of this VDV Recommendation. VDV Recommendation 580 supersedes VDV Report 5005 with the same title.

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