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eBook VDV-Schrift 520 english Edition

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eBook VDV-Schrift 520 Protection in case of Overload Currdent and Short-Circuit Current from Traction Power
Supply Systems for Urban DC Rail Systems
Edition 01/15


VDV Recommendation 520 provides important information about the system protection of the single components of traction current systems, e.g. medium-voltage switchgears, rectifier transformers, rectifiers, DC switchgears, feeder and return cables as well as contact line systems. The protective functions and especially the various trigger types with their features are presented. The correct setting of the route protection in consideration of the local conditions is dealt with separately in this Recommendation. An arithmetic example in the Annex of the Recommendation illustrates the practical implementation. The revision of VDV Recommendation 520 included updating of the references to other regulations and standards etc. Moreover, information about the performance of short-circuits tests as well as their evaluation and documentation was included in this Recommendation at the request of the transport companies. This version supersedes VDV Recommendation 520 from 1995.

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